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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Joining Hands and Hearts in our Community

January 22, 2019

Charity Care
Services provided to patients unable to pay for health care totaled $409,247 in 2018. Madonna provided two avenues for patients to qualify for free or reduced-cost services: charity care based on patient income level, and St. Benedict funds set aside by the Madonna Foundation to assist patients and families in crisis.

Unpaid Cost of Public Programs & Subsidized Health Service
Madonna absorbed $5,028,991 in losses due to shortfalls between patient care costs and amounts paid by Medicaid and $5,624,304 in losses due to shortfalls between patient care costs and the amounts paid by Medicare for the hospitals, TherapyPlus and St. Jane de Chantal long term care service.

Community Medical Transportation
Because people with disabilities and the elderly have increased health care needs, isolation from providers can have a profound impact on the quality of their life, health and safety. Madonna’s community medical transportation program allows individuals to get the timely medical care they need, decreasing the amount of emergent situations which often result in emergency room trips and increased costs. Madonna transportation provided 18,856 rides to and from non-emergency medical appointments in 2018.

Therapeutic Learning Centers
Madonna's Therapeutic Learning Centers (TLC) are the only on-site, classroom-based hospital programs of their kind in the region. The TLC helps student patients maintain and, if necessary, relearn academic work; adopt new study skills and coping strategies; and work with parents and schools to provide the necessary services and
support to make a student’s transition back to school as successful as possible. TLC services are offered at no cost to patients. In 2018, Madonna's Kit Scott TLC program on the Lincoln Campus assisted 107 student patients.

Clinical Training
In 2018, 351 clinical staff and physicians spent 24,983 hours to provide a clinical setting for training of 301 medical students, nursing students, or physicians not affiliated
with Madonna.

Madonna's Adaptive Sports & Recreation Program
580 individuals, including 132 patients and 448 community members with disabilities were served in 2018. The programs offered to participants enabled them to
participate and experience a variety of competitive and recreational sports and activities.