Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals nurse aides change lives

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Nurse Aides Change Lives from Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals on Vimeo.


Becoming a nurse aide isn’t just a job. It’s a calling. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital offers unique opportunities for nurse aides to provide high-quality patient care and get to know patients they serve on a personal basis. There are also additional education opportunities for those who want to further their career. Ready for a change? Apply here today.

"It’s really exciting to work here as an aide because it’s not just the same thing every day. Some of our patients are here for three or four weeks, but at the same time, they’re always changing and they’re always moving on to acute care. We’re getting new patients from the ICU," said Amanda Harvey, a Madonna nursing assistant who's also working toward her nursing degree.

"I like the way the aide and patient get along. You get to know them better, get real family around them. You feel for them, feel their pain, feel when they are unhappy, when they’re sad and you just want to be there," said Chandra Lukas, a Madonna nursing assistant for nearly 14-years.

"I was thinking about going into nursing and I applied at a couple places, but I kind of heard Madonna was where I wanted to work. So, I definitely wanted to get my feet wet, work somewhere in the field I was going to go to school in," Harvey explained.

Lukas explained how she helps patients get up, get dressed and other activities of daily living.

"People come here and they haven’t showered for months after an accident or an illness. So they’re kind of apprehensive but they’re also a little bit excited about their shower. Usually really appreciate it," Harvey added.

"Make their bed. Clean their room. Refill their water pitcher. See what’s necessary that needs to be done for them," Lukas explained.

"In between therapies and meals, we want to make sure people are positioned right and comfortable," said Harvey.

"We have a thing we call hourly rounding. Sometimes they are not in the room, but we still do check," Lukas said.

"Sometimes it’s just getting condiments for people that they forgot to order. Or setting up their trays. Cutting some food up," Harvey said.

"We are the nurse’s ears. We are their voice. We are their smell. We can tell when something is not right."

"Now that I’m in a nursing program, it’s been even more beneficial because it reinforces what I’m learning so I get the clinical experience with school and then I get to come here and work and see things firsthand," Harvey said.

"I’m so proud to say I work at Madonna. I like it there. I would encourage a lot of people, give it a try. You might not you’ll never leave. I plan to retire here soon," Lukas said.