Madonna reveals the 2018 GOAL Awards recipients

Madonna reveals the 2018 GOAL Awards recipients

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals announces the 2018 GOAL Awards recipients.

  • Joey Bierman, SCI survivor, Battle Creek, Nebraska
  • Leonard Linn, SCI survivor, Iowa Falls, Iowa
  • Emily Meyer, TBI survivor,  Ireton, Iowa
  • Andrew Strom, SCI survivor, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Graci Garcia, TBI survivor, Tekamah, Nebraska
  • Mike Shearer, stroke survivor, Omaha, Nebraska

These six survivors were chosen among nominations from staff for showing outstanding determination, exemplifying the spirit of Madonna and inspiring us all along their journeys.

The GOAL Awards were established in 1994 to honor patients for outstanding courage and determination as they completed their rehabilitation, returned to their communities and resumed their life roles. Photographs and stories of these patients are on display at Madonna’s main campus as an inspiration to everyone.

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