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Madonna’s Mission Services offers healing and hope to patients

December 30, 2022

For more than 60 years, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals has offered spiritual care to patients recovering from an injury or illness. This focus on spirituality is a part of Madonna’s holistic, person-centered approach to health care, and many of Madonna’s patients and their families have experienced the benefits.

“When we as humans go through a severe illness, injury, and traumatic events, we can often have spiritual concerns and matters on our mind and heart,” Patrick Miron, Madonna’s pastoral care manager, said. “Our chaplains provide an empathetic listening ear and a pastoral presence that can serve to help patients and their families navigate these often difficult waters.”

According to the International Consensus Conference on Spiritual Care in Health Care, spirituality is “the way individuals seek ultimate meaning, purpose, connection, value, or transcendence.” Likewise, Madonna recognizes that people experience spirituality in numerous ways, from religious services and prayer to mindfulness and meditation practices.

“We make it our goal to meet and serve every patient who comes under Madonna’s roof,” Miron said. “Of course, these individual needs vary greatly based on the individual’s preferences. We provide daily Catholic Mass, weekly Protestant worship service, intercessory prayer, pastoral visitation and counseling for patients, their families, and staff. We also provide any sacramental needs and make referrals to external, faith-based leaders when this is needed or desired.”

For many patients, spirituality is important and can influence key outcomes in illness, such as quality of life and medical care decisions. For example, Bill Peterson, a former pastor and stroke survivor, tapped into the power of faith during his stay at Madonna in 2021.

“I ministered to Bill during his recovery,” Jeff Gerdes, Madonna’s Protestant chaplain, said. “His experience here deepened his faith by challenging his faith. He overcame his challenges and continues to serve and care for others.”

Miron agreed.

“We have many patients whose experience at Madonna has had a profound impact spiritually for them,” he said.

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