Rehab nurse receives 2017 Georgann Claussen Award

Rehab nurse receives 2017 Georgann Claussen Award

Bill Claussen (left) and his brother, Rich Claussen (right), congratulate Mari Ramsey on receiving the Georgann Claussen Memorial Award of Excellence.

Mari Ramsey, RN, is the recipient of the 2017 Georgann Claussen Memorial Award of Excellence. Rich and Bill Claussen established the award in memory of their mother to honor compassion and excellence in helping children and adults with disabilities rebuild their lives. The two brothers credit Madonna’s staff with giving their children two more years to get to know their grandmother thanks to the excellent patient care Georgann received at Madonna. 

According to Teresa Raven, RN, who nominated Mari for the award, “I wish you had the opportunity to work with Mari as I do. You would see a gentle, compassionate, kind and loving nurse who thrives on serving patients, making each one feel special and truly cared for.” 

The first Georgann Claussen Award was presented in 2001. Each award comes with a $250 stipend provided by the Claussen family. The following Madonna employees are past Claussen Award recipients: Terasa Farlin, Gail Finsand, Rebecca Gordon, Zachary La Puma, Jody Macke, Brooke Murtaugh, David Nelson, Linda Ohnoutka, Teresa Raven, Brittany Spence, Rebecca Gordon, Cheryl Wagner and Stacy Watson.

Thank you to the Claussen family for their generosity in helping Madonna recognize excellence in patient care. Congratulations, Mari!