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Former Marine shows fighting spirit in therapy
In the News, Patient Stories
June 01, 2023

During his six years in the Marine Corps, 27-year-old Francisco Barajas says he always wanted to be the best at everything. “I was always trying to be the best physique, be in the best shape I could be and be mentally better,” he said. “Every day, I pushed myself to be better than I was the day before.” That drive to succeed has aided in his recovery after a workplace accident left him with traumatic injuries to his face, torso and leg.

Nebraska woman rebuilds her life after a stroke
In the News, Patient Stories
May 30, 2023

One day in the spring of 2023 Renee Henry suddenly felt off. She tried to sit down, missed her chair completely and fell to the floor. The 66-year-old was experiencing a stroke. Weeks later, Renee began to regain her independence at Madonna. “It feels great to be walking and talking again,” Renee said. “Madonna is an amazing place with amazing staff.” Learn more about her road to recovery here.

Madonna’s specialized technology helps stroke survivors reclaim independence
In the News
May 26, 2023

Madonna’s CARF-accredited stroke program serves adults and children nationwide who benefit from the combination of holistic caring and specialized technology utilized by clinicians with extensive training in stroke recovery. “Madonna offers very high-level technology and services that can help these individuals get back to what they want to do faster,” Amy Goldman, PT, DPT, Madonna’s stroke program manager, said. “The Armeo®Power is hugely beneficial because you can get mass repetition of that movement and retrain the brain how to move that side of the body again.” Read more about how the Armeo®Power, Madonna’s latest piece of technology, can lead to better outcomes for stroke survivors.

Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Neemann
In the News
May 23, 2023

Former Madonna patient and stroke survivor Peggy Neemann never gave up. After a successful recovery at rehabilitation at Madonna’s Lincoln Campus, Peggy returned to the hospital not as a patient, but as a volunteer, where she dedicated years of service by giving encouragement to others who have been through serious and often traumatic experiences.