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Iowa man makes most of life after fall leaves him paralyzed (KETV)

10/30/2017 8:39 AM | In the News

Former patient Andrew Strom has a completely different outlook on life after he sustained a paralyzing spinal cord injury in 2015.

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Derby dreams come true for Madonna patient (Lincoln Journal Star)

10/20/2017 8:34 AM | In the News

Vicki Dilocker of Cherokee, Iowa, got a surprise visit by the No Coast Derby Girls as she wages a courageous battle against Guillain-Barre’ syndrome.

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Teacher, student help each other (Fremont Tribune)

10/2/2017 8:55 AM | In the News

Fremont teacher and GBS survivor Brianna Deines and 14-year-old Thomas Reynolds of Brookings, South Dakota, were featured in the Fremont Tribune for their work together in TLC. The two developed a special bond working together, each helping the other through their recovery.

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Student, teacher recover together (KMTV)

9/29/2017 8:56 AM | In the News

A sudden illness kept a Fremont teacher from starting school, but Brianna Deines was in the classroom at Madonna's Omaha Campus, helping a young student who was also a patient.

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Amid recovery, surprise opera brings smiles (KOLN)

9/27/2017 8:31 AM | In the News

Ann Marie Snook, the director of music at Washburn University, enjoyed a special opera performance on her last day of therapy at Madonna's Lincoln Campus.

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Slow and steady: Girl working to beat rare, fast-moving disease (KETV)

9/21/2017 12:49 PM | In the News

Rachael Bradshaw of Delphos, Kansas, has worked hard at the Lincoln Campus to beat a rare autoimmune disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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A new approach to concussion therapy (KOLN)

9/18/2017 9:56 AM | In the News

Tammi Daniel and her husband have 32 years of experience as over-the-road truckers. A July accident, their first ever, resulted in Tammi seeking therapy through the concussion program at the Lincoln Campus.

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Garrett McCoy making strides toward recovery (KSNT)

9/11/2017 8:07 AM | In the News

Garrett McCoy, of Lyndon, Kansas, suffered a brain aneurysm on July 6, bringing him to Madonna's Lincoln Campus for rehabilitation.

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Husker player befriends patient at Madonna (KOLN)

8/31/2017 3:35 PM | In the News

Garrett McCoy of Lyndon, Kansas, suffered a brain aneurysm lifting weights during football training on July 7. During his recovery, Nebraska football linebacker Chris Weber visited the high school senior and created an encouraging bond.

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Determined, competivite and positive (Seward Independent)

8/30/2017 8:13 AM | In the News

The Seward Independent features Dani Kitten, of Fargo, North Dakota, and her recovery from a staph infection that required surgery on her spinal cord.

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