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Aiden’s comeback (KETV)

3/6/2017 8:55 AM | In the News

KETV Newswatch 7 shared the story of 7-year-old Aiden Crouse as he makes new friends with Huskers baseball players.

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Faith and family help in Omaha man’s recovery from broken neck (WOWT)

2/14/2017 2:28 PM | In the News

WOWT profiles John Abkes as he recovers from a spinal cord injury that occurred while he was vacationing in Mexico with his family.

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Hope and Healing (Omaha World Herald)

1/30/2017 9:46 AM | In the News

Dr. Judith Burnfield is profiled by the Omaha World Herald in a feature article on the Omaha community's innovative health care industry leaders.

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Kansas City man leaves Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital after traumatic brain injury from winter crash (KETV)

1/30/2017 9:23 AM | In the News

Traumatic brain injury survivor Jacob Rickel, of Liberty, Missouri, shares his story of recovery, including a visit with Larry the Cable Guy, with KETV.

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Wife told to plan for husband’s funeral; a year later he is recovering (KOLN)

1/19/2017 8:38 AM | In the News

A report from 1011 (KOLN) on Robert Meador and his recovery at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals-Lincoln Campus as he marks one year since a stroke nearly took his life.

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Cindy Lange-Kubick: Christmas at Madonna, praying for a miracle for Ave the Brave (Lincoln Journal Star)

12/27/2016 2:55 PM | In the News

Avery Anderson, a teenager from Oklahoma, and her family are not alone while she is recovering from a traumatic brain injury here at Madonna in the Cornhusker State, as featured by the Lincoln Journal Star.

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New all-terrain wheelchair will put paralyzed hunter back outdoors (Omaha World Herald)

12/27/2016 2:51 PM | In the News

The Omaha World Herald features Tyler Nichols, a former patient who spent time at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital-Lincoln Campus recovering from a spincal cord injury

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Chrisman senior has no memory of crash that nearly killed her (Lake News Online)

12/27/2016 2:42 PM | In the News

In a report by Lake News Online, former patient Shelley Cunningham, from Independence, Missouri, describes recovering from a car crash at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital-Lincoln Campus,

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Woman paralyzed in workplace shooting inspires others (KETV)

12/16/2016 3:21 PM | In the News

KETV shows Kathy Steever’s goal is to “connect with the world” as she continues to adjust to life after losing the use of her arms and legs. To help reach that goal, her Madonna care team has developed ways for her to communicate using the latest technology, letting her become an inspiration for many.

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‘They’re pretty much family’: In bad times, teens at Madonna become best friends (Lincoln Journal Star)

12/15/2016 8:57 AM | In the News

The Lincoln Journal Star reports on a group of teens who met during their recovery at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals-Lincoln Campus.

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