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An Iowa motorcyclist who should have died is a ‘miracle,’ his doctor says (Des Moines Register)

4/17/2017 9:40 AM | In the News

The Des Moines Register shares the story of Ardie Keune, a Sioux Rapids, Iowa, chiropractor who survived a motorcycle accident in 2015.

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Former Madonna patient shares story with DC Post-Gazette

3/23/2017 8:11 AM | In the News, Patient Stories

Reed Mayberry of Wahoo spent time at Madonna's Omaha Campus after suffering a brain injury while skiing in Colorado. His story was featured in the Douglas County Post-Gazette, which you can read here.

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Aiden’s comeback (KETV)

3/6/2017 8:55 AM | In the News

KETV Newswatch 7 shared the story of 7-year-old Aiden Crouse as he makes new friends with Huskers baseball players.

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Faith and family help in Omaha man’s recovery from broken neck (WOWT)

2/14/2017 2:28 PM | In the News

WOWT profiles John Abkes as he recovers from a spinal cord injury that occurred while he was vacationing in Mexico with his family.

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Hope and Healing (Omaha World Herald)

1/30/2017 9:46 AM | In the News

Dr. Judith Burnfield is profiled by the Omaha World Herald in a feature article on the Omaha community's innovative health care industry leaders.

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Kansas City man leaves Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital after traumatic brain injury from winter crash (KETV)

1/30/2017 9:23 AM | In the News

Traumatic brain injury survivor Jacob Rickel, of Liberty, Missouri, shares his story of recovery, including a visit with Larry the Cable Guy, with KETV.

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Wife told to plan for husband’s funeral; a year later he is recovering (KOLN)

1/19/2017 8:38 AM | In the News

A report from 1011 (KOLN) on Robert Meador and his recovery at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals-Lincoln Campus as he marks one year since a stroke nearly took his life.

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Cindy Lange-Kubick: Christmas at Madonna, praying for a miracle for Ave the Brave (Lincoln Journal Star)

12/27/2016 2:55 PM | In the News

Avery Anderson, a teenager from Oklahoma, and her family are not alone while she is recovering from a traumatic brain injury here at Madonna in the Cornhusker State, as featured by the Lincoln Journal Star.

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New all-terrain wheelchair will put paralyzed hunter back outdoors (Omaha World Herald)

12/27/2016 2:51 PM | In the News

The Omaha World Herald features Tyler Nichols, a former patient who spent time at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital-Lincoln Campus recovering from a spincal cord injury

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