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Focus on family helps stroke survivor and his support system
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November 28, 2023

When 45-year-old Johnny Renaud had a stroke in September, his family and friends made sure someone was with him at all times. His Madonna care team incorporated this support system directly into his therapy, with caregiver training nearly every single day. Not only did it make them feel more confident assisting with his care needs, it motivated Johnny to push himself further and work harder.

Haley Meeks’ unyielding path to independence
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November 15, 2023

Haley Meeks is known to most for her bubbly personality and her need for independence. After a serious car accident, she came to Madonna seeking guidance on how to return to her life roles. Time spent on several pieces of advanced rehabilitation technology and in Madonna’s therapy kitchen and transitional living apartment provided opportunities for Haley to flourish. Here’s a peak into her journey, one full of resiliency and charisma.

Kansas teen remains grateful after challenge with Guillain-Barré
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November 13, 2023

After the 4th of July, Gunnar Sorell noticed numbness in his thighs, then little by little, he started losing feeling everywhere. He was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome and the rare neurological disease left Gunnar unable to move. “Losing all of my muscle function, it was very scary,” Gunnar said. He came to Madonna motivated to return to sports, school and work at his family business. His care team used specialized technology to help wake up his muscles and helped him put everything in perspective about his journey. Tune in now to learn all about Gunnar’s experience with GBS:

Injured driver finds motivation in Madonna therapy
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November 06, 2023

When John Ketterman rolled his semi-truck in March 2023, he had no idea what his new life would look like. He came to Madonna’s specialized brain injury program for injured workers focused on re-learning skills necessary to be independent. His therapists also got creative and added fun recreational therapies to give him variety. Read about how John’s time at Madonna prepared him to return to some of his other life roles and favorite activities.