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Talking technology: The Lokomat
November 09, 2020

When recovering from serious injury or debilitating illness, therapists at Madonna may incorporate specialized technology into a patient’s care plan. Read more about how the integration of one key piece of technology, the Lokomat, may help even the most severely injured on their road to recovery.

Madonna Rehabilitation Disorders of Conscious Program
November 09, 2020

There are many levels of brain injury, and those who suffer the most severe traumatic brain injuries are often found in a state where it is difficult to maintain wakefulness and experience impaired awareness. Still, there is hope for recovery, and that’s where Madonna’s Disorders of Consciousness (DoC) program comes in.

Madonna’s Lincoln Campus breaks ground on 3-story patient wing expansion
In the News, Foundation News
August 28, 2020

After 60 years of providing rehabilitation care from the heart of Lincoln, today began a new chapter in our history, breaking ground on our largest expansion project to date. Joined by business, government and spiritual leaders from our community, Madonna President and CEO, Dr. Paul Dongilli Jr., Ph.D. was excited to share future plans to welcome patients from across the country, further solidifying Madonna's place as a national leader in rehabilitation.