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Murtaugh invited to rewrite TBI guidelines
In the News
August 09, 2022

Brain injury program leader and occupational therapist Brooke Murtaugh, ODT has joined a panel of leading experts dedicated to rewriting and revising trauma guidelines on how best to care for traumatic brain injury patients.

The Power of a Poet
In the News, Patient Stories
August 02, 2022

Noah Weaver has long expressed the way he feels through poetry and lyrics. But then a car accident changed the 26-year-old’s life in an instant. Noah was involved in a car accident that caused a brain injury and required life-saving care. He woke up unable to walk or talk; not knowing if he would be able to remember his poetry or perform it again.

Four-year-old boy makes waves at Madonna after being diagnosed with GBS
In the News, Patient Stories
July 27, 2022

When he’s not watching "Paw Patrol," 4-year-old Jensen Miles loves playing outside. But in May 2022, his parents knew something was wrong when his body grew weak and he lost the use of his arms and legs. Doctors at Boys Town National Research Hospital diagnosed the energetic boy from O’Neill, Nebraska, with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare condition where the immune system attacks the body’s nerves.

Dad’s support helps son regain independence
In the News, Patient Stories
July 14, 2022

When an abnormal blood vessel burst in the back of active-duty Airman Randy Rodriguez's neck, he knew his life would never be the same. The incident left him with an incomplete spinal cord injury and he couldn't move so much as his toes. With the unfailing support of his father, Randy made impressive gains at Madonna. Read more to learn about his recovery.