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New grant continues Institute’s tradition of national rehabilitation research
February 11, 2021

As a Rehabilitation Engineering Center of Excellence, members of Madonna’s Institute are known for their involvement in and contributions to national research and development. Recently, Madonna was named in a five-year, multimillion dollar federal grant to improve communication access for individuals with communication deficits.

Printing the way to new possibilities
February 11, 2021

The scope of rehabilitation is ever-changing, and keeping up requires an expert team of researchers and engineers equipped with the latest technology to advance care for rehabilitation patients. At Madonna, engineers utilize an in-house 3D printer to create instant solutions that help patients overcome rehabilitative challenges.

Madonna’s Research Institute guides new PM&R residents
In the News
September 18, 2020

Madonna's partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center was strengthened in 2018 with the launch of our physical medicine and rehabilitation residency program. This year two residents have partnered with our research institute to find out how Madonna is remaining a leading-edge innovator in rehab technology.