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Party planning promotes playful therapies for pediatric patients
In the News
September 01, 2023

At Madonna, our goal is to get kids back to play. We also know it’s important to incorporate fun and favorite interests into therapy. This week, as part of his rehabilitation, 5-year-old Mario Brothers fan Kai Maloney planned a Mario-themed party for everyone, and it’s safe to say it was a super smash! Kai and several other kids within the pediatric unit listened to music from the game, hunted for Yoshi’s eggs and even pinned the mustache on Mario. A great way to celebrate another week of hard work on the (Rainbow) Road to recovery!

Talented teen returns to stage after brain injury
In the News, Patient Stories
February 21, 2023

Between schoolwork, drama, band, choir, Ultimate Frisbee club and Boy Scouts, 16-year-old Matthew Schulte stays busy and knows the value of hard work. So, it’s no surprise he has had an incredible recovery from a traumatic brain injury sustained in a November car crash. Arriving at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals in a minimally conscious state, he was unable to walk, talk or even eat on his own, but he was determined to get strong enough to return to the stage in time for a National Honor Choir concert in Cincinnati Feb. 22. See below for more information about his journey.

Four-sport athlete pushes herself to succeed in brain injury recovery
In the News, Patient Stories
February 16, 2023

From the basketball and volleyball courts to the track and softball field, 15-year-old Kinsley Provin is driven to succeed. But her biggest hurdle came off the field. Kinsley has spent the last five months recovering from a traumatic brain injury she sustained in a September car crash. She arrived at Madonna in a minimally conscious state, but proved nothing stands in her way, as she pushed herself to walk and talk again.