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Helmet saves motorcyclist’s life, Madonna rebuilds it
In the News, Patient Stories
September 07, 2023

When he first heard about Nebraska’s new motorcycle helmet law, 20-year-old Cole Bottger looked forward to riding his motorcycle without a helmet. Now, he’s grateful he wore one after all. A serious motorcycle accident left him with broken bones and a spinal cord injury, but no brain trauma. Watch the video to hear how his Madonna care team incorporated his passion for motorcycles into his therapy sessions and got him back to work at a local Harley-Davidson dealership.

Mom’s nurturing spirit shines on other patients during brain injury recovery
In the News, Patient Stories
August 30, 2023

Lynne Milimu is rarely seen without a smile on her face. Her care team at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals describes her as a ball of sunshine and a positive light. She spends hours in the cafeteria of the specialized brain injury unit chatting with other patients and cheering them on in therapy. But this is a transformation that didn’t happen overnight.. Lynne and her care team worked together to heal her mind and body after she sustained a brain injury as the result of a traumatic event on Mother’s Day.

Madonna’s family-centered care propels Nebraska woman’s recovery
In the News, Patient Stories
August 24, 2023

Grace Powell needed to learn how to navigate the world from a wheelchair as her body healed from injuries following a car accident. Getting home was her motivation, as Grace wanted to be able to care for her daughter, Kenslie, as independently as possible. Thanks to Madonna’s family-centered approach to care, Kenslie and Grace’s mom were able to stay on campus and able to actively participate in daily therapy sessions. Read how having Kenslie at Madonna helped provide comfort for Grace during her recovery.