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Resources and support for those with spinal cord injuries or disorders
In the News
September 28, 2023

Madonna’s approach to spinal cord injuries is to help patients return to their life roles regardless of their level of injury. The program is designed to maximize independence, resolve barriers of returning to home and communities by establishing a unique treatment for each patient. The program also establishes lifelong relationships between patients, their care teams and other survivors. Please click the link below to discover all the ways Madonna and other organizations support those living with a spinal cord injury or disorder.

Madonna gives Nebraska All-Star football player new life outlook after spinal cord injury
In the News, Patient Stories
August 10, 2023

Byron Skinner of Merriman, Nebraska, was driving home from work when his brakes stopped working. In the rollover crash, the 18-year-old was ejected and sustained a spinal cord injury. Byron crawled back to the highway and waited for help. Instead of playing in the Nebraska-Wyoming six-man All-Star prep football game, Byron arrived at Madonna eager to learn how to become independent in a wheelchair. His care team got creative and incorporated his favorite things into his sessions. Watch and read about how the Nebraska teen re-discovered himself after his life-altering injury.

Missouri truck driver triumphs over work-related injury
In the News, Patient Stories
July 18, 2023

Bianca Weathers of Cabool, Missouri, is used to life on the road. A dairy truck driver for three decades, she went everywhere. But, when a fall at work resulted in a broken foot and led to further medical complications, she turned to Madonna to guide her back to independence. Watch and read Bianca’s story to see how Madonna’s expert medical care helps her reach her goals.