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College sophomore finds ‘room for hope’ after spinal cord injury
In the News, Patient Stories
November 15, 2022

Recovery doesn’t just happen within the walls of a hospital. Sometimes a small dose of normalcy can remind our patients of their goals. For spinal cord injury survivor, Faith Collins, a few community outings sparked the hope she needed to get back on the horse, both figuratively and literally. Read her unique story as she takes aim at returning to the activities she loves.

Dad’s support helps son regain independence
In the News, Patient Stories
July 14, 2022

When an abnormal blood vessel burst in the back of active-duty Airman Randy Rodriguez's neck, he knew his life would never be the same. The incident left him with an incomplete spinal cord injury and he couldn't move so much as his toes. With the unfailing support of his father, Randy made impressive gains at Madonna. Read more to learn about his recovery.

Lawyer ready to give back after spinal cord injury
In the News, Patient Stories
December 14, 2021

An aspiring lawyer, Shantel Thompson’s dreams of helping her community were put on hold after the unthinkable happened. She was shot and suffered a spinal cord injury. Shantel recovered at Madonna, fueled by her strong faith as she healed. She also shifted her focus to regaining strength and reclaiming her independence. “I don’t want that one moment to define me for the rest of my life,” Shantel said. “I still want to go on and become a great lawyer, have my own family one day, and help the people of my community.”