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Speech-language pathologists help patients find their voice
In the News
June 21, 2022

When most people think about the role of a speech-language pathologist, they usually imagine a health care professional helping someone with their speech sounds. However, according to Madonna speech therapist Jett Stenson, that’s just one part of her multi-faceted job. Learn more about the job of an SLP here.

Young brain injury survivor celebrates returning home for Christmas
In the News, Patient Stories
December 15, 2021

Jayslynn “Jays” Ramirez has always loved Christmas, and this year the holiday will mean even more to her and her family. That’s because Jays will be home for the first time since an August car accident left her with a brain injury. While she recovered at Madonna, her care team incorporated her love of Christmas into her therapy, like decorating the Christmas tree. “That’s the cool part about doing things that patients love because you’re able to marry the therapy and what they want to do together, and that way everyone wins,” Bridget Mulhall, an occupational therapy student who worked with Jays at Madonna, said.

Former ER nurse becomes patient, bonds with nurse aide
In the News, Patient Stories
December 09, 2021

Every day, our nursing staff goes above and beyond in the care they provide. Nurse Aide Maretis Dosedla says she treats each patient like a member of her own family. That compassion and hospitality helped Maretis quickly bond with one of her patients, who also happened to be an ER nurse. Turns out that special connection is what's helping speed up the recovery process.