Movement and Neurosciences Center of Excellence

The Movement and Neurosciences Center of Excellence, which includes the Richard W. and Jacqueline B. Chapin Gait and Motion Lab, is dedicated to enhancing the independence and quality of life of persons with and without disabilities through research, clinical services and education. The Center executes applied research and development activities to help improve walking, function and cardiorespiratory fitness so adults and children are able to achieve their greatest independence and health. Cutting-edge technology is used to study human movement and guide development and implementation of new treatment approaches.

Its affiliation with a variety of academic institutions and industry partners, its integration within both campuses for Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, as well its close proximity to Madonna ProActive's medically-based health, fitness and wellness facility, create exceptional opportunities for conducting applied research across the spectrum of physical abilities.

Our work focuses on:

  1. Enhancing movement function, independence, and quality of life through the development and testing of novel technologies and treatment innovations.
  2. Preventing secondary medical complications in persons with chronic medical conditions in order to maintain optimal participation in life activities.