The ICARE, an affordable therapeutic technology being used in rehabilitation, medical fitness, and home settings around the world to improve walking and fitness following a serious injury, was developed by Madonna's Institute for Rehabilitation Science & Engineering. 

GARDE: Developing a World-Class Rehab Engineering Workforce in America's Heartland

This work partners undergraduate mechanical engineering design teams with disabled individuals as clients, with a goal of creating new devices to aid in rehabilitation and/or routine daily living.

Novel Rehabilitation Device

This research will develop technology for improving mobility, fitness, productivity and independence in children, especially those with impaired mobility. The broad goal is to improve public health, starting with development of healthy habits and fitness at a young age.

First Hope Initiative

The First Hope Initiative creates novel technologies and user interfaces to increase the functional independence, quality of life and outcomes of patients with severe disabilities arising from such conditions as stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury

Impact of Massage on Caregiver Well-Being

Caring for a loved one who has experienced a serious injury or illness can be very stressful. This work focuses on the use of therapeutic massage as a tool to help improve the well-being on caregivers of patients receiving intensive physical rehabilitation.

Safe Patient Handling

Research and development activities aimed at promoting safe patient handling technology and techniques that enable individuals with physical disabilities to engage as fully as possible in their recovery.