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Resources for Madonna Partners

The Lokomat is a robotic gait trainer which offloads a patient's body weight, equipped with robotic legs to help patients execute the repetition necessary for patients to regain strength. Recent research points to significant benefits of getting patients up and moving earlier in the rehabilitation process, which is facilitated by rehab technology like the Lokomat. A video screen plays a game which gives patients instant feedback and allows therapists to adjust as necessary.

The ICARE, a motorized elliptical trainer with optional body weight support/harness system was developed by Madonna's Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering and distributed by our partners at SportsArt. The ICARE gives patients an opportunity to improve their strength, endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness. Therapists can utilize intervals on the ICARE to build more endurance gradually over time.

The ArmeoSpring is used extensively by Madonna occupational therapists to work on upper extremity neuro reeducation. Research shows that in order to regain maximum function of the arm, it's necessary to regain at least five joints, which is enabled by the ArmeoSpring. It reduces the affects of gravity and gives automatic feedback via a video game on the screen.

The AC20 was inspired by Madonna's First Hope Technology, which was developed by Madonna's Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering. The device is an assistive control adapter, which allows the most severely injured patients to communicate with their care team and control their room environment via eye movements, puffs of air, etc.

The Bioness L300 provides electric stimulation to specific muscle groups to help increase activation and help patients gain endurance and rebuild strength. It is often used with patients who have regained significant movement, but need some additional work on things such as gait. It also provides a cue to the patient to assist with the muscle activation.

The Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS) is a large computer screen designed to help with eye strain, visual fatigue, difficulty with concentration, cognitive deficits, attention, memory and eye tracking. The screen can be adjusted by an occupational therapist specially trained in vision rehabilitation to accommodate a patient's individual needs

The ability to provide personal transportation for a patient and their family is critical to living as independently as possible. Safely evaluating a patient's ability to drive is made possible by the interactive driving simulator. Many patients find their way to Madonna after motor vehicle accidents, so regaining confidence and skills at the same time is fundamental. Driving involves multitasking, sequencing, peripheral vision and many other key skills.

The EksoGT is a powered robotic exoskeleton that is utilized as a part of a comprehensive therapy program. This device is used with patients who have suffered from many different types of neurologic injury and have resulting lower extremity weakness. While wearing the device developed by Ekso Bionics, patients can stand up and walk over ground for comprehensive gait training. Built-in sensors help the specialized motors provide assistance as needed while Madonna’s expert clinicians control and adjust different settings in real-time for the patient to practice a normalized gait pattern.

The RT300 FES cycle combines a rehabilitation technique called Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) with a motorized ergometer machine that allows for repetitive activity. FES uses computer-generated, low-level electrical pulses, which cause coordinated contractions of the leg muscles while sensors provide constant feedback to a computer. The result is a smooth and natural pedaling with the patient’s leg muscles providing the power to move the bike.