Interactive Rehabilitation and Exercise System

About IREX

The Interactive Rehabilitation and Exercise System (IREX) is a virtual reality therapy system that uses gesture control technology to place patients into simulated environments on a screen such as virtual sports or gaming.  It allows patients, regardless of their age, ability or condition, to have fun in an environment they would not otherwise be able to experience such as sky diving, scuba and race car driving. 

Capable of measuring range of motion and other data points from the human body, the IREX allows therapists to program specific therapy routines for their patients to help achieve maximal recovery, and to measure their progress along the way. For example, individuals with difficulties moving an arm may be assigned a gaming task that encourages them to move their arm within a range that is considered appropriate to advance their functioning.  Tasks can be used to improve a variety of skills including balance, trunk control, mobility, cognitive skills, processing speed, etc.