A stroke survivor’s story in his wife’s words

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Kory suffered a massive stroke on March 19, 2015. Though he struggles with aphasia and the ability to speak, his wife, Jamie, is able to share his story and recovery through Madonna.

Read Jamie Alesch's entire script below:

"My Name is Jaimie Alesch. My Husband Kory suffered a massive stroke on March 9, 2015. It was a blood clot that encompassed the entire left carotid artery from the neck all the way up to his brain. He went into surgery and the doctors removed most of it and some of it is, there is still some blockage there today. He came to Madonna on March 26 and has come leaps and bounds.

"We had never heard of Madonna. Not until our neurologist in Omaha, that was his recommendation, was to come here when we were finished there. And when we arrived it was overwhelming. The size you know and just seeing different things, but immediately we were greeted at the door and we had tours and we got familiarized with things.

"With Chloe being here, letting her help in Daddy’s therapies have been huge for her. Just holding even the rings, just the smallest of things that they have her do, means the world to her.

"He is so determined and so wants his independence and wants his life back and you can see that in everything. This has been a challenge for him physically, emotionally, mentally and he has stepped up to the plate and accepted that challenge. The love that I noticed between him and the therapist is heartwarming to see."