Dani Cota and Luna are Angel Dogs Volunteers

Stroke Pediatrics
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Being in the hospital is no fun regardless of age. During this time, furry friends and their handlers can go a long way to help brighten the day. As part of #LincolnGives, we introduce you to one of our many Angel Dog volunteers, Dani Cota. Nearly two years ago, Dani suffered a stroke at only 17. She says bringing her dog, Luna, on regular visits to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is a perfect way for her to give back and pay it forward.

Read Dani's entire story below:

“My name is Dani. I suffered a stroke when I was 17. I lived here for six weeks. Luna is three-quarters lab and one-quarter poodle. She was pretty much bred to be an Angel Dog. She’s calm for a puppy, she’s very well behaved. She listens very well. And she’s very smart—she catches on to new things quickly in training. I’m here to try to brighten up someone’s day. I thought it was really cool that someone wanted to come and make my day better and I wanted to give that to someone else. It’s something I get to share with my dog and it’s a really amazing bond because we’ve gone through all this training together. Get to work with my best friend. And I love it.”

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