Former patient recognizes 11 Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital caregivers with Angel Wings

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Instead of gifts at his 60th birthday party, Steve Swenson asked his friends and family to offer a donation for Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, which he added to and contributed through the Angel Wings Award program. In this video, he explains the reason behind his donation.

Hugs and smiles were plentiful for Steve Swenson, a former Madonna Rehabilitation patient, on this day.

“So I gathered all of you guys here today because Steve nominated you guys all for Angel Wings.”

Through the Angel Wings program, he was able to recognize 11 different people he says he is thankful for helping him recover from a stroke in 2014.

“Well, ever since I was a patient here at Madonna I was always going to do something for the caregivers, the therapists, I had.” Swenson said. “I think there was eight or nine people, but there could’ve been a dozen more that helped in my recovery that I met that I’ll never forget here at Madonna.”

Each honoree had a special role in his recovery.

“Courtney, you are instrumental to my stroke recovery.”

“Hanna’s such a great person. She always asked me how my day was going and if there’s every anything she could do to help.”

“Kari would always ask how I was doing and would be my go-to PT, if I had questions when I went to outpatient. And she always gave me lots of encouragement. “

“Christine challenged me every day while I was in inpatient. With her help I was able to progress so well.”

“Chandra was the first person I would see every morning. And she always had a smile and joyful outlook that would just rub off on me every day.”

“Cali was the first and one of the most important therapists when it came to my recovery. She challenged me every day and always gave me an extra kick if I wasn’t giving 100 percent.”

Steve’s other Angel Wing recipients were Zach LaPuma, Jennifer Conrad, Michaela Hanson, Raegan Hain and Dave Nelson.

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