Hybrid Research Rotation

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Madonna's Research Institute of Rehabilitation Science and Engineering offers a great opportunity for students to participate in a selective Research Hybrid Rotation. Students like Alex and Nick get hands on experience splitting their time in the therapy gym and in the research lab.

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"My student clinical experience has been very rewarding.
It’s improved my skills as a clinician also a researcher and It has opened up doors for me as well," stated Alex, a recent hybrid student.

Sonya Irons, PT, DPT, CCS, the Student Therapy Leader of the program went on to explain, "Our research hybrid option is a really unique option for students and it combines both the clinic and patient care with research here in the lab."

Nick Rech another former hybrid student discussed how he heard "They(Madonna) had a unique rotation called a hybrid rotation, where I spend half the time in the clinic working with patients and working with my clinical instructor."

"In the research lab I do a variety of things including training sessions with children, a lot of outcome measures. Currently I am working on a grant with Dr. Burnfield as well," Alex replied.

"They have great patient care. We have great physical therapist that I am learning a ton from and all sorts of technology and devices that we can use to help patients," said Nick.

Judith Burnfield Ph.D., the Director for the Research Institute of Rehabilitation Science and Engineering explained that "We are one of the very few facilities in the country doing this and I’m not even sure if there are others doing this across the country. Working with the patients, working with the very gifted team of clinicians and researchers on studies funded through The National Institute of Health, National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation, National Science Foundation."

"We have all sorts of technologies here at Madonna such as the ICare that I am able to use and incorporate into practice to help patients," stated Nick.

"The students can see it was developed here but they are actually getting their patients on it, so they are seeing that translational component where it’s actually helping patients and they are seeing it in practice as part of their plan-a-care and as part of their interventions," said Sonya.

Judy claimed, "Often times when a student comes into our environment, we have enough different research projects underway that they can really get engaged in each of the different key aspects of research to be able to have a sense of that full process.
I like to think is that it gives them an idea of the aspects of research that they may really enjoy in the future as they go out to practice aspects that they feel they can come to the table and contribute their experience to."

Alex concluded that "I found myself truly enjoying all that I have done in the research lab. All of the different aspects of it because there are so many different parts you are able to experience here. There was never one moment where I felt overwhelmed or felt uncomfortable in the lab and that was assign to me that this is something I should do in the future."