Iowa man counts blessings on motorcycle crash anniversary

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Dr. Arden ‘Ardie’ Keune loves motorcycles and the feeling of being out on the open road. However, his life took a major detour in August 2015 as he was heading out to Sturgis, South Dakota, for the annual bike rally. The chiropractor was left with life-threatening injuries when a man accused of fleeing authorities rear-ended him at a high rate of speed. Now nearly a year later, Ardie is focused on the future and credits the support of his family and his therapy team at Madonna for getting him on the mend. He survived with 18 broken bones and a spinal cord injury with one mission.

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"They saved my life in Rapid City and God did too. But at Madonna, they’ve helped me to return to a more normal life. I’m grateful for it," said Ardie Keune.

Ardie Keune says he’s grateful for every day he’s able to spend with his wife BB and daughter Kenzy-this after being involved in a motorcycle accident in August 2015.

"We were going to Sturgis. It was a Monday morning around 11:30 and there was a young man who was being chased by some officers in South Dakota and he hit me from behind at a high rate of speed," said Ardie.

Speeds police estimate went over 100 miles an hour. Leaving Ardie with multiple injuries including broken bones, spinal cord injury and a traumatic brain injury.

"I had broken bones from my head to my feet and it seems in most places in between," said Ardie.

Spending five weeks at Rapid City Regional Health, once stabilized, Ardie came to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals to begin his slow recovery.

"He had a contusion bruise meaning a sprain, a strain a huge blow to that spinal cord and it said, 'Uh no. Wait a minute. I'm not going to let your arms and legs work for a while because I've got to think about this," said BB Keune, Ardie's wife.

During his stay he progressed from using a wheelchair to a walker. Back home in Sioux Rapids, Iowa, the community rallied behind him.

"We come from a town of 700 people and they say over 1,500 people showed up and they had an auction and a dinner. Everyone pulled together to help us. Everyone did," said BB.

Now Ardie is looking toward the future.

"We’ve made great strides and I’m very happy with my care at Madonna’s with the therapists and the medical teams and the aids that come into the room," said Ardie.

"I was involved in a motorcycle accident but I still love and enjoy motorcycles. At the right time and place, I’d love to ride a motorcycle cycle again," said Ardie.