Madonna TherapyPlus Run Well program helps man prepare for run across Nebraska

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Joe Wiebold plans to run 490 miles in 10 days across the state of Nebraska.

He said meeting with Run Well program physical therapist Evan Hansen was an important piece of the puzzle in preparing for the feat.

“To make sure that my form stays straight and accurate, proper and efficient because 490 miles in 10 days is a lot and you need to make sure you’re doing everything technically sound, otherwise more injuries could happen. So it was a big part of it,” said Joe.

Evan was focused on making sure Joe could overcome any hurdle.

“The biggest thing for Joe was just teaching him different strategies, what to use while he’s out there running across the state. Because he’s not going to have me there all the time, so I need to teach him as much as I can in our sessions for how to change things if this starts hurting or if he’s starting to breathe heavier, what does he do now,” Evan explained.

“We really focused on him getting stronger in some stabilizer muscles”
“We’re not trying to build speed with him, with Joe, because it’s not about time. It’s endurance.”
“Help him land softer and eliminate his unwanted, inefficient movement pattern.”

Run Well is there for anyone.

“Any runner could benefit from this program. Whether they’re a beginner runner, who’s never run before and they don’t know what to do and they’re scared of getting hurt or they don’t know if they’re doing it correctly, all the way up to the professional level runners, collegiate runners, people who are setting leading and winning races, if they want to get faster. So it’s not just about preventing injury, but it’s also about improving your form and improving your efficiency so that you can run easier and run better,” said Evan.

Just make sure you get started on the right foot.

“Somebody looks at somebody like Joe and says this guy is crazy. That’s their first thought. And other runners, they get it. But running is not bad for you, but running incorrectly is bad for you,” said Evan. . I’m all for pushing the boundaries of what our bodies can do and trying to reach a new plateau that nobody’s ever been at before. I’m here to help him along but it is important that you run correctly, because running incorrectly does lead to problems.”

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