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Nursing isn’t just a job. It’s a calling. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital offers unique opportunities for nursing staff to provide high-quality patient care and get to know patients they serve on a personal basis. Ready for a change? Apply today at

Teresa Raven's entire transcript can be read below:

"My name is Teresa Raven. I’m what’s called a nurse therapist. I’m in charge of the nursing on the floor. On our unit. And making sure that we provide quality nursing services to our patients.

I was a middle school counselor for Lincoln Public Schools for 31 years. My mom developed kidney cancer and in 2006 she died. And I was within a few years of retirement age from LPS and I decided you know you can give money and buy daffodils and walk the walks but I needed to do something to beat cancer. So I thought well, I’ll go to school and become a nurse and just love other moms and their daughters through that disease.

So I didn’t initially intend to come to Madonna, I was going to go to a cancer center, but as the Lord provided, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Patients are here for an extended length of time. And so you really get to know them and know their families and build into their lives.

Our culture is centered on the acronym of Christ: Collaboration, Hospitality, Respect, Innovation, Stewardship and Teaching. And those who aren’t here to serve, I think they feel a little bit out of place and they tend to kind of weed themselves out.

Madonna provides lots of opportunities to grow professionally. They also give us a plethora of chances to get our CEUs.

I love my work here. It’s not a job. My husband told me the other day to get a mattress and bring it here because I’m here more than I am at home. And I am blessed."