Stroke survivor gets and gives advice on road to recovery

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A stroke can sometimes cause communication disorders that affect everyone differently. Heather Hall says she couldn’t say anything but “hello” when she was suffering from a stroke and tried to get help. See how she began her road to getting her speech back.

“My name is Heather Hall and I am from Kearney, Nebraska.”

Heather was getting her kids ready to ride the bus to school one morning when she suffered a stroke.

“The bus driver noticed that they weren’t there and called the school,” she said. “They tried calling me. I answered one, but I didn’t know how to speak, which was weird to me that I couldn’t speak. So my husband called and all I could say was ‘hello, hello.’”

Heather was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, and then transferred to Bryan Health’s east campus in Lincoln before arriving at Madonna to continue her road to recovery.

“Madonna is a very welcoming place. It gives, it gives you definitely the work out you never thought you would have, but you can find a workout here.”

Regaining her independence through physical therapy ...

“One of the goals has been walking me outside so I don’t hit the curb or something like that. I have to walk independently.”

Regaining her ability to communicate through speech therapy ...

And getting advice from others with similar experiences ...

“Just learning what you can right now, that is my thing. What you can do right now. Tomorrow is something else, but right now,” said Contessa Siders, a former stroke patient at Madonna.

And sharing some of her own advice for others ...

“I would tell somebody, give it a chance. Don’t just put it on the back burner. Go ahead and give it a chance. And give it whirl because you never know if you’ll be able to pick up on the things they’re touching you with or the things that they’re working with you on. They might be able to do something.”

Heather has returned home to be with her husband and three kids while continuing to work on her recovery.

Learn more about Madonna's comprehensive stroke program here: