Stroke Survivor Walks at Daughters’ Graduation

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Patient update regarding Don Jenkins. Earlier this month, Don Jenkins walked confidently to his seat to watch his daughters' walk across the stage to receive their high school diplomas. This after he suffered a debilitating stroke during major heart surgery to fix an aneurysm on Oct. 16, 2016. At 52, the man of faith and the father of six spent five weeks in the ICU at a Topeka, Kansas, hospital before traveling to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital for the next stop on his road to recovery. With his wife at his side, a social media following and a “God’s Got This” attitude, Jenkins has made major strides during his short stay.

Since he’s been home, Don’s continued to make gains including walking with a cane and making improvements with speech. In addition, in early May he and Lisa celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary and on May 15, he was able to take his seat and watch his three daughters take part in graduation ceremonies at Seaman High School. The Jenkins' adopted the girls—two of whom are sisters and their younger brother, Roman, from the Ukraine in 2014. What’s more, two of the daughters say watching the nurses help their father has inspired them to pursue a field in healthcare. They both plan to attend Washburn University in the fall and possibly the University of Kansas later to study physical therapy.