What is Occupational Therapy?

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What is OT?
Kayla -- Can you get yourself dress? Can you take a shower? You know, can you do those basic things? And they’re like, well no. OK, well I can help with that!
What is Occupational Therapy?
COURTNEY -- Occupational Therapy is a discipline that assists patients and persons who have lost function or ability to regain independence, return to their everyday activities of daily living.
TYLER -- Activities of daily living, or ADLs, that’s going to be. Those are activities of getting dressed in the morning, grooming, feeding, toileting, bathing, anything that requires your routine in the mornings or throughout the day to be independent.
LEAH -- . So whether it’s pediatrics. We’re working on play skills. We’re working on attention. We’re working on school behavior. To when we get to our adult populations, sometimes we work on dressing or cooking, any of these things we do on a daily basis. When we’re older than that, sometimes we work on different adaptations to life skills to add as part of the aging process.
MOLLY -- So we really look at what the task is they’re trying to achieve, maybe what the barriers they’re facing and then modifying that task somehow so they can be successful at what they’re trying to achieve.
SARAH -- It means just helping people get their independence again. Being able to do those activities they love and enjoy. Sometimes it gets interrupted by illness or injury and we’re the folks that can help them get that back.
MANDY -- occupational therapy is so important to individuals to help them get back into life and do those things that we all take for granted every day …
TABATHA -- Occupational therapy is super dynamic and there’s so many facets and specialty areas and general areas that its just one that it’s a good profession to be in because you can grow and change and evolve over time.
Madonna has Occupational Therapists who specialize in Vision Rehabilitation
KAYLA - A lot of people don’t even realize that vision rehab is possible. They think well I just need new glasses and that’s it, but you really can strengthen the muscles in your eyes
If someone has a stroke or brain injury that affects their vision and typically its more of a difficulty with the eyes coordinating together and so we can strengthen those muscles working together no longer have double vision or improve their attention to one side.
Madonna has Occupational Therapists who are experts in Driving Rehabilitation
SARAH - It allows us to get to work on time. Pick up our kids and transport them safely. And for us to have the ability to make sure people can safely go back and do that. It’s really great to give them safe ways We teach you how to drive again, but we work on all those skills…

Work Re-entry is an important Occupational Therapy program
LEAH - It’s not what’s the matter with you? It’s what matters to you. So we’re working on whether we’re a carpenter, we need to get back fine motor skills. Or we’r e a truck driver and we need to get back to driving, or maybe we’re starting at more simple steps like getting dressed to be able to go to work
Occupational Therapists have a large role on the rehabilitation team at Madonna.
COURTNEY - I think that it’s our collaboration that’s really the key to everything that we do well here at Madonna. We always have the latest technology, we have top trained therapists, but if we’re always working as individual and not coming back together as a group and problem solving for the benefit of the patient then we’re not going to get the outcomes that we get to see. So I just love that OT is a collaborating profession, always has been, and it’s so nice to see that implemented here so nicely and it goes so well with Madonna’s whole outlook and the way we approach patients.