Words are Worthy

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Words are worthy and something many of take for granted until they’re taken away by a major injury or illness, such as a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or stroke. That’s why speech-language pathologist experts at Madonna are taking advantage of Better Hearing & Speech month. They hosted a pop-up event earlier this week to let employees try out a communication device—both high tech and old-school—to help us all remember and better understand the value and power of words.


“With so many people we work with here at Madonna and in our profession, many times communication is one of the things that’s lost. Imagine losing your voice and not being able to write or even point. Today we have a lot of devices, or not even devices, pen and paper, a whiteboard, a bogie board-things that people can communicate in various ways,” said Rhiannon Svitak, M.S. CCC-SLP, inpatient speech language pathologist.

“Interesting the technology people can use to communicate and it does make you think more about what it takes to tell someone what you need and how we have such talented people here that can help people assert their communication,” said Marjorie Sturgeon, marketing, media and PR specialist. Rhiannon adds, “How worthy our words are and how important our voice is. And that’s something we always need to remember with our patients and people that we see.”