Do you want to run faster? Do you want to simply be able to run without pain? We will show and teach you how.

Running is an activity with many health benefits that people of all walks of life use as a form of exercise, family fun, and even in competition. The Run Well program was designed by a runner, for runners. The program is intended to keep runners running at their best. Many runners are not taught how to run optimally, leading to running injuries and preventing them from running at their true potential. The Run Well program will teach you why your body is not running at its optimum and then show you how to change it.

Run Well includes a video assessment of running mechanics and one-on-one training from a running-specialist physical therapist to improve individual running form to: 

  • Run Faster
  • Run Farther
  • Run Easier
  • Run with Less Pain

Nothing is more frustrating to a runner than an injury. To have to stop running is a last resort. Many other treatments focus simply on treating the source of the pain, not the cause. This often leads to temporary relief until the same injury resurfaces or a new one takes its place. In these instances the cause of the problem must be addressed so the runner can perform at their best.  Run Well can help correct your form, which can help fix your injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Session (60 minutes) $150
Follow-up Session $70
Run Well Package (Initial Session + 2 Follow-up Sessions) $250
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