Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals


On-site care

Madonna nurses and therapists receive additional training and competency testing specific to ventilator and tracheostomy tube management and the rehabilitation of children and adults who are ventilator dependent. Madonna is fully staffed with respiratory therapists 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Madonna’s Pulmonary Program incorporates leading edge technology to help our patients meet their goals.

  • A Passy Muir Valve (PMV) is incorporated as a standard of care for all of our tracheostomy and ventilator patients as we begin the rehabilitation process. The PMV allows our patients to communicate and access voice activated technology, as well as direct their own care and increase their level of independence.
  • A high-flow oxygen delivery device that delivers 100 percent relative humidity and has been used successfully to ease a patient’s transition from ventilator support to independent breathing.
  • Technologically advanced ventilators that provide trends and graphics to enhance patient-ventilator synchrony and ventilator weaning.

Madonna is the only hospital system in the region with a swallowing lab and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology lab. AAC refers to technology , like speech generating devices, and strategies that enable non-speaking individuals to communicate. Using the latest in AAC technology and intervention strategies, speech-language pathologists provide AAC evaluations and treatments for children and adults with complex communication needs.

Madonna’s assistive technology specialists evaluate each person’s individual needs and desires to use their functional abilities to independently control electronic devices in their environment. The therapist can provide custom modifications to software, electronics and other appliances to promote independence and safety in their environment.