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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Complex Medical

Our Complex Medical program provides intensive rehabilitation for those who have survived a serious medical event and require a high level of medical care in addition to their rehabilitation needs. 

A typical day in therapy is part of a custom program designed by an interdisciplinary team to help patients reach their maximum potential. 

Madonna offers a variety of unique features, providing for their high level of medical need, but focused on rehabilitation and early mobilization. 

Extended stays in our long term care hospital environment allows our physicians to connect with patients and see the remarkable improvements they make over the course of their rehabilitation. 

Patient Stories

Complex Medical Rehabilitation

Patients are seen daily by a hospitalist, which is a board certified internal medicine practitioner.

Madonna takes an active approach to therapy. The goal in our specialty hospitals is often to tolerate increased levels of therapy to build strength and return home or move to the acute rehabilitation environment. 

Registered nurses with rehabilitation training or experience are on staff at all times to care for patients.

Madonna staffs licensed respiratory care practitioners at all times. Our respiratory therapists are able to provide arterial blood gas (ABG) services. Madonna is recognized as a Center of Excellence for Vapotherm and the Passy-Muir valve, specialized technology benefiting patients with tracheostomy tubes.


Madonna provides a full range of inpatient pharmacy services, including medication distribution, patient education, and clinical/dosing services.

Madonna is able to provide radiology services that include X-ray, ultrasound, echocardiogram, venous doppler, arterial doppler, Holter monitor, sleep study and electroencephalogram (EEG).

Madonna's in-house laboratory provides anticoagulation, hematology, chemistry, therapeutic drug level testing and urine analysis services with results available the same day in most cases.

Offering these services on-site helps reduce the need for transfer back to an acute care hospital for routine tests and monitoring. 

Madonna has registered dietitians and licensed medical nutrition therapists who are part of the care team and ensure the patient's individualized nutrition plan is met.

Neuropsychologists and rehabilitation counselors are an integral part of rehabilitation at Madonna.  They provide a variety of services, including neuropsychological assessment, adjustment counseling, pain management, family therapy, concussion or mild brain injury evaluation, memory testing, dementia evaluation, neurofeedback, biofeedback, behavioral management and psychoeducation.

Assistive Technology Professional certified therapists provide seating and positioning evaluations for patients who require the use of a wheelchair for mobility. Additionally, computerized pressure mapping assessments for individualized wheelchair prescriptions and recommendations for driving and vehicle modifications are offered.

Spiritual care is an important component of healing. Madonna is committed to meeting the needs of our patients, regardless of their individual beliefs. Chaplains and other spiritual care professionals consult with the care teams and visit patients to provide direct support when requested. Chapels are available on both campuses, as well as ample green spaces for contemplation and respite.

Madonna's wound program serves patients with slow-healing or non-healing wounds who often have complex medical conditions.  Our holistic approach focuses on prevention, intervention and long-term management of wounds while providing rehabilitation to help patients achieve the highest level of independence possible.


Madonna is committed to the lifelong success and wellness of our patients. When appropriate, we offer services such as home modifications, assistive technology, orthotics, prosthetics and emotional support resources for patients during and after their preparation to return home. 

Cutting-Edge Technology and Research

We continually develop and acquire new technologies to enhance the lives of patients entrusting their care to us. Combining technical expertise with the experience of our clinical teams is critical to patients returning to work, school and community.