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The Institute’s research bridges health, academic, business, governmental and disability communities to initiate and develop productive collaborations that advance its mission and bring value to its partners. Our researchers partner with institutions across the nation to remain on the cutting edge of rehabilitation research and continue to push boundaries in what might be possible. 

The Movement and Neurosciences Center of Excellence, which includes the Richard W. and Jacqueline B. Chapin Gait and Motion Lab, is dedicated to enhancing the independence and quality of life of persons with and without disabilities through research, clinical services and education. The Center executes applied research and development activities to help improve walking, function and cardiorespiratory fitness so adults and children are able to achieve their greatest independence and health. Cutting-edge technology is used to study human movement and guide development and implementation of new treatment approaches.

The Communication Center of Excellence, which includes the Harris Family Assistive Technology Lab and the Richard and Eloise Agee Speech Physiology Lab, is dedicated to developing and improving technologies and treatment strategies to reduce the functional limitations of individuals with complex communication disorders. Our collaborative research model includes academic, industry, clinical, and patient/family partnerships. 

The Rehabilitation Engineering Center of Excellence, located within the Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering, is committed to improving the independence and quality of life of individuals with disabilities and their caregivers and clinicians through device design and development in collaboration with health care professionals. The ability to create custom, novel devices in a timely manner for both patients and research team sets Madonna apart from many health care facilities.


When your loved one has suffered a devastating injury or illness, it's critical that they have a skilled and innovative team in their corner to achieve the maximum level of independence possible and return to their life roles. At Madonna, the Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering is located within our hospital setting on each campus. Physicians, researchers, clinicians, academic scientists and business leaders across the country collaborate to develop and patent new technology. 

The Institute is a living laboratory that takes an idea from study to research to implementation. These advancements in technology enhance Madonna's ability to provide specialized treatment, allowing patients to achieve a higher level of independence and participate more fully in their life roles. 

The Institute is a shining example of Madonna's core values of Innovation and Collaboration at work. Individual therapists may approach the Institute team about a custom adaptation or device to meet a specific patient need and the team goes to work designing and developing, utilizing tools such as 3-D printing on site. These adaptations are often made available to patients at no additional cost through generous donors to the Madonna Foundation. 

At Madonna, your loved one not only gets the benefit of cutting-edge technology, but also the ideas and innovations of a team leading the way and changing the rehabilitative landscape.  


The Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering’s groundbreaking research brings new and exciting technologies and treatment approaches to rehabilitation for patients served at Madonna and across the world. We're pleased to offer several of our innovative products for purchase in our Institute Store.

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Innovation in Action

The Madonna Hydration System, created by Madonna’s Institute for Rehabilitation and Engineering, is a simple but effective tool for patients with limited mobility to stay hydrated. Patients and clinicians weighed in on the design featuring a versatile clamp for mounting to any surface including a wheelchair. The clamp is attached to a 2-foot semiflexible extender that ends with a director. The director helps position the blue-colored Camelbak hands-free adaptor mouthpiece to the desired location for the user. Researchers used Madonna's 3D printer to create the customized clamp and mouthpiece. The water bottle’s lid connects to the system via a ring and carabineer, allowing for regular cleaning and water refills.

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The Hydration System is available for purchase through our Institute Store.