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Each small step marking one giant leap for Seattle space enthusiast
January 07, 2021

Greg Loving began a life-long love affair with space when he was a young man growing up in Kansas. After landing a dream job at Blue Origins, he was on top of the world, until a rare condition caused a brain bleed that nearly proved fatal. After several surgeries, Greg and his family traveled half way across the country to Madonna's Lincoln Campus to begin his recovery process. 

An Omaha RN describes being ‘on the other side of COVID-19’
January 06, 2021

With a 31-year career in nursing, Donna Kerber is comfortable in taking care of others and finds joy in being able to provide comfort to those in need. She struggles when it comes to asking others for help. After a battle with COVID-19, Donna’s role switched to that of a patient, which has proved to be a humbling experience.

COVID-19 survivor forms special bond with nurse aide
December 30, 2020

100 days after he was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19, Gary West was finally able to return home. After defeating the virus, he worked hard to regain strength and stamina. Cheering him along the way was was Madonna nurse aide Michaela Aulner, who said Gary had striking similarities to her grandfather who passed away due to COVID-19 complications earlier this year.