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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Foundation Donor Spotlight: Bob Campbell

July 30, 2019

Bob Campbell has worn many hats at Madonna. A donor since 1980, Bob served three terms on the Hospital Board of Directors including leading the Board as chair from 1994 to 1996. In 1996, he was awarded Madonna’s highest honor, the Crystal Angel. He continued his service to Madonna as operations director of the Madonna Foundation until his retirement in 2012. Bob recently shared his vast past experiences and history with Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals from celebrating the first Angels of Madonna dinner party with TV star, David Doyle, to raising funds for the children’s rehabilitation unit. When asked what separates Madonna from other organizations, Bob exclaimed that, “all the people at Madonna, regardless of position or profession, are so totally committed to their mission and to the people they serve.  And, they truly become “family” to those people.”

Bob shares that he has been a passionate and faithful friend and supporter of Madonna for so many years for so many reasons. What motivated him most was Madonna’s mission that gives patients hope for a renewed and better life. He goes on to share how Madonna provides not only a healing experience for patients but “rehabilitative care that restores people to full, productive and happy lives.”

Bob is excited about the expansion to the Omaha Campus and looks forward to seeing the continued work of the dedicated, loving and caring staff.

  1.  What was your first experience with or exposure to Madonna?

Although I knew of Madonna, my first real contact was in 1980 when my family’s Miller & Paine department store business celebrated its 100th anniversary and as part of that decided to do a fundraiser for Madonna.It was the first Angels of Madonna dinner where we had David Doyle, one of the stars of the TV series, “Charlies Angels” come to lead the celebration. David’s brother, John “Duggie” Doyle, was a longtime and well known Lincolnite and got his brother to come to Lincoln.The dinner was a great success and was continued for many years.


  1.  What are some of the things that you find most inspiring about Madonna?

The staff of Madonna is so dedicated to the mission of restoring the lives of their patients, and they work in such a loving, caring relationship with the patients and their families through the often long and difficult recovery process.


  1.  What interests/excites you most about the future of Madonna?

When I left my position with the Board of Directors in 1997, I told President and CEO Marsha Lommel that I felt Madonna’s future depended upon having continued strong philanthropy through the Madonna Foundation, and also upon establishing a Madonna presence in Omaha. Today, wonderful philanthropic support continues through the Madonna Foundation, and the amazing new Madonna Campus in Omaha provides Nebraska with perhaps the best two rehabilitation facilities of any state in the country.


  1.  Why does Madonna matter to you?

We have wonderful healthcare in Nebraska but the healing experience hospitals provide would not be completely effective without Madonna’s rehabilitative care that restores people to full, productive and happy lives.


  1.  Are there certain areas or programs that interest you the most?

All the areas of involvement and programs offered are so very important. Perhaps the one that stands out for me and probably for many others is that of children’s rehabilitation. When we did a campaign to remodel and expand the hospital and its programs, a children’s rehabilitation unit was just a dream. Thanks to Dan and Cara Whitney and the Git-R-Done Foundation for directing their gift for establishment of the Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Unit.


  1.  What motivates and inspires you to give?

The Madonna mission was enough to motivate me to start giving. However, when my wife, Candy, and I saw the amazing work that restored lives, and we heard individual patient stories, we were truly inspired to increase our giving and include Madonna in our estate gift plans.


  1.  What makes Madonna’s mission meaningful to you?

The Madonna mission means that people who have experienced significant disability through accident or injury truly have hope for renewed and better life. Those people may be our friends or loved ones.


  1.  How did you learn about Madonna? 

Of course, I knew of Madonna and had our Angels of Madonna dinner experience, but I really got involved in 1987 when Sister Phyllis Hunhoff invited me to fill out the one year term of a hospital board member who had left the board. I knew of the wonderful work of Sister Phyllis at Madonna, and no one told Sister “no”. I served an additional three terms on the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Board of Directors.


  1.  How would you describe Madonna to a friend or colleague?

I would simply say that we in Nebraska are blessed with the finest rehabilitation in the country, if not the world. There is no way to adequately describe it. I would insist that they come for a visit to either the Lincoln or Omaha Campus and experience Madonna for themselves.


  1.  When you think about the organizations that you support, what separates Madonna?

All the people at Madonna, regardless of position or profession, are so totally committed to their mission and to the people they serve. And, they truly become “family” to those people.


  1.  What would you tell someone that is thinking about donating to Madonna?

When you donate to Madonna you will definitely receive far more than you give. You need only come to an event and see and hear the amazing patient success stories to understand the value of your gift. You will share in their tears of joy!


  1. Do you have any stories about Madonna that really moved you?

I have so many wonderful and moving stories from my Madonna involvement. Perhaps the best was in the mid 1990s when Madonna started its Chairman’s GOAL Award program to honor annually a few of the most amazing patient rehabilitation success stories. I was Board Chairman, so was expected to come and make the individual presentations in a room at the hospital. I had forgotten about the time and had to be called and reminded to attend. The only people present were the patients, their families, their Madonna care givers and other Madonna staff. I had to choke back lots of tears as I read those stories and made the presentations in a joyful celebration. I was changed forever. Anyone who sees those lives restored and hears their stories will be greatly enriched.

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