Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Helping Patients Breathe Easier

November 26, 2019

You breathe, never giving it a thought. People take this bodily process for granted until suddenly, due to an illness or injury, it’s gone. Madonna serves patients from across the country, with varied diagnoses, dependent on tracheostomy tubes and/or mechanical ventilation. Being robbed of the ability to breathe independently is frightening. 

Madonna’s Pulmonary Program encompasses all levels of care and is recognized by the American Association of Respiratory Care as a Quality Respiratory Care Provider. A specialized team helps adults and children with acute or chronic pulmonary impairments overcome challenges to achieve their highest possible level of independence.

Our 76 respiratory therapists (RTs) work closely with interdisciplinary team members on ventilator and tracheostomy tube weaning, as well as promoting 
overall pulmonary health, including secretion clearance, disease management and educating the patient and family. 

Last year, Madonna’s Respiratory Care team: 

  • Cared for an average of 23 ventilator-dependent  patients daily
  • Helped 89 patients completely wean off the ventilator
  • Celebrated the 140 patients who had admitted with tracheostomy tubes and had them successfully removed before discharge
  • Performed more than 229,000 breathing treatments and other diagnostic monitoring procedures and interventions to promote patient independence and lung health.

Madonna continues to raise the bar by incorporating leading-edge technologies and treatments for pulmonary patients. Both campuses are designated Centers of Excellence for Passy Muir Valve (PMV) and Vapotherm. The designation is awarded to facilities demonstrating interdisciplinary teamwork and advanced education while using the technologies as a standard of care.

The PMV is a one-way valve connected to a tracheostomy tube. PMV allows a patient to not only communicate, but to access voice-activated technology, swallow and direct their own care. The Vapotherm, a high–flow oxygen delivery service, delivers precise temperature, oxygen, and flow to aid in ventilator/tracheostomy tube weaning and management. Madonna incorporated this progressive, warm mist humidification, leading to the highest level of independence for patients.

“Innovation is one of Madonna’s core values; we embrace new treatments and technologies,” said Jim Pelton, director of Respiratory Therapy. “We’re committed to getting the best possible outcomes for our complex patients.”

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