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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Kansas Teen Recovers After Firearm Accident

November 06, 2020

In August, 12-year-old Nash Lindberg was just about to start the football season, when he was sidelined with a spinal cord injury. Instead of playing with his friends, he would have to learn how to walk again.

Nash’s mom, Karen, said she was crushed when she found out Nash had been accidentally shot.

“It was devastating to know that [he] was going through something that difficult and that it was something that would possibly change our lives forever,” Karen said.

After his initial treatment at Wesley Medical Center, the Lindberg family moved to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals Lincoln Campus from Great Bend, Kansas, for Nash’s recovery. He spent 66 days regaining his strength and ability to walk aided by the expertise of his care team and specialized technology, including the Lokomat and ICARE by Sportsart. But, if you ask Nash, his favorite was by far the paragolfer, a machine that allows a patient to stand and maneuver around a golf course with ease.

Nash’s infectious spirit and mantra ‘#NashStrong’ quickly helped him win over members of his care team.

When Nash asked Sarah Economides, physical therapist, what her first impression of him was, Economides said she knew therapy would have to go slow at first.

“You were a little nervous, and you had a lot of pain,” Economides said. “But I also knew you had a lot of motivation and I knew you were a really hard worker. I had a big impression that you would go far.”

That he did.

Nash achieved his goal of walking out of Madonna. Nearly a dozen friends and family greeted the young man as he returned home to Great Bend.

“The key to your success, Nash, is your effort that you’ve given in therapy and your will and want to get better,” said Angie Gerner, physical therapy assistant.

Nash says he plans to keep up his “can do” attitude as he begins school and gets back to doing the things he loves, like playing sports.


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