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Madonna empowers stroke survivors during recovery

May 02, 2022

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a stroke occurs every 40 seconds in the United States and is a leading cause of death or serious, long-term disability. A stroke can happen to anybody at any age.  

Leading the way in stroke rehabilitation

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals offers stroke survivors a comprehensive continuum of care, with multiple levels of inpatient care, a robust outpatient Rehabilitation Day Program, traditional outpatient therapy and more. Led by board-certified physicians of physical and medical rehabilitation, Madonna’s CARF-accredited Stroke Program utilizes physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapy, neuropsychology, and rehabilitation nursing to maximize patient outcomes.

“Madonna’s Stroke Program is unique in that we are a free-standing rehabilitation hospital,” Amy Goldman, PT, DPT, Madonna’s Stroke Program manager, said. “We have experts who are involved in stroke rehab care across the continuum. The other way we’re unique is by offering that comprehensive continuum of care, from our Specialty Hospital for the medically complex patients, all the way through an outpatient model of care where we have traditional and intense outpatient services.”

Recovering from a stroke: the Madonna difference

Recovery time after a stroke is different for everyone. However, the CDC now recommends starting medical rehabilitation one or two days after a stroke, and Madonna has long believed the sooner therapy can begin, the better the patient outcomes will be. To that end, our experts in medical rehabilitation use specialized technology, such as the Lokomat robotic gait trainer and Madonna’s ICARE by SportsArt. These pieces of equipment can help patients participate in therapy faster and promote repetition of skilled movement, which, in turn, facilitate motor recovery and brain plasticity.

“Following a stroke, many individuals have challenges walking, reaching, balancing, and staying physically active,” Dr. Judith M. Burnfield, Ph.D., PT, the director of Madonna’s Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering, said. “The beauty of the ICARE is that it can take on multiple challenges simultaneously. It addresses the mass repetition needed to regain a walking-like activity while promoting balance, strength and stamina.”

Moreover, Madonna has long recognized the value of family support during the recovery process. Madonna’s staff provides training and education to patients and their family members within specially designed spaces to simulate everyday tasks and activities, setting the stage for a successful return to home.

“The family is critically important in getting you back into your home environment,” Dr. Samuel Bierner, Madonna’s Stroke Program medical director, said. “Sometimes, families have to assist the patient with certain activities of daily living. The family also provides critical emotional support to help the person return to a more normal life.”

With this proven combination of expert medical care, specialized technology and hospitality, Madonna helps stroke survivors return to friends, family, and community. For more information about our Stroke Program, please visit here

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