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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Madonna giving back to the community

February 16, 2018

Making a difference

Madonna’s mission and values are evident every day in the hospitals’ daily activities and in the ways the organization gives back to the community.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program (PM&R)–Madonna and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)  joined together in 2014 to create the region’s first PM&R Residency Program. Supported by the generosity of donors like Dr. Robert Buchman (pictured with Dr. Samuel Bierner, chair of the UNMC PM&R department), the collaboration marries UNMC’s outstanding medical college with Madonna’s world-class rehabilitation program. Madonna’s initial capital investment of over $100 million on the Omaha Campus and 2017 contribution of  $1.3 million to the residency program will assure a superior clinical care and education venue to train the next generation of rehabilitation physicians and professionals.

Charity Care–Services provided to patients unable to pay for health care totaled $420,097 in 2017.

Subsidized Health Services–Madonna absorbed $6,614,488 in losses due to shortfalls between patient care costs and the amounts paid by Medicare for the hospitals, TherapyPlus and St. Jane de Chantal. 

Unpaid Cost of Public Programs–Madonna absorbed $4,768,130 in losses due to shortfalls between patient care costs and amounts paid by Medicaid in the hospitals, TherapyPlus and St. Jane de Chantal.

Madonna Transportation

Community Medical Transportation–Because people with disabilities and the elderly have increased health care needs, isolation from providers can have a profound impact on the quality of their lives, health and safety. Madonna’s community medical transportation program allows individuals to get the timely medical care they need, decreasing the amount of urgent situations that often result in emergency room trips and increased costs.

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