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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Madonna helps Omaha dance teacher get back on point after illness

December 08, 2017

Hannah Matthew poses for a photo with another former Madonna patient, John Abkes, after performing in Westside Church's annual Christmas pageant.

“God has been doing a lot of healing. I just have great doctors, great physical therapists and I’m getting stronger and stronger each day. I feel so good," said Hannah Matthew.

Stronger and grateful for every grand plie Hannah Matthew completes. Fine-tuning several dance positions and movements that used to be second nature for the dance teacher. 

“She was in Menards or some place shopping and waiting for her husband to pick something out and she was trying to do a tap move like she had done before and she was like, ‘you know it didn’t just quite flow like it used to,'" said Madonna TherapyPlus Physical Therapist Amy Taylor.

Incorporating dance steps into outpatient physical therapy at Madonna’s Omaha Campus is helping Hannah get back on her toes and teach others her love of dance.

This after suffering an illness that began in February 2016.  

“Started out with aches and pains and it hurt to lower myself or put a shirt on,” said Hannah.

Diagnosed with lupus, Hannah says her health continued to decline.

As doctors struggled to pinpoint exactly what was causing her heart, lungs and kidneys to fail, Hannah was in a battle for her life. 

“When I woke up from my medically induced coma, I wasn’t able to lift up my arms, turn on my side. nothing,” said Hannah.

During this time, family and friends reached out online, asking for prayers and support for Hannah.

Husband, Connor, creating video updates on progress and significant milestones reached.

This one posted May 1, 2017.

"We are happy to announce: we’re going to Madonna! Whoo!” said Connor Matthew, Hannah's husband.

Once at Madonna, Hannah continued to make huge strides in rehabilitation. 

“I'm at 102 pounds which is a good thing," said Hannah.

Leaving Madonna a few weeks later in a walker, once she regained her stride, she set her sights back to dancing. 

“The dancing is her passion and her dream and that’s when we see the most results is when we find that meaningful purpose,” said Amy.

"Miracle I’m here today. Good doctors. Good nurses and a God who is good and faithful so yeah,” said Hannah.

“Celebrate every single victory. From I stood for 3 seconds instead of just one. Celebrate turning on your side. I celebrated that too," said Hannah.