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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Madonna nurse aide honored with Angel Wings award

May 10, 2023

At Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, we know that our registered nurses and nurse aides are at the heart of our mission. They provide hope and healing to our patients, and we are so grateful for their skill and support.

We also know many patients and their families feel the same way. They often refer to Madonna employees as “angels” during their rehabilitation journey. In 2011, the Madonna Foundation created a special recognition program in which grateful patients and families can make a gift to the hospital in honor of their angels – the exceptional employees and volunteers who helped impact their recovery.

Just in time for National Nurses Week, Amber Belt, a certified nurse aide at Madonna, recently received Madonna’s coveted Angel Wings award. Her nomination reads in part: “Amber was straightforward and honest about everything.”

For Belt, the recognition came as a welcome surprise and reinforced her desire to help others.

“You feel like you have helped someone to not only have a better day but also to heal from the injuries or accidents they have endured,” she said. “This award makes you realize these patients don’t see our staff as just ‘people helping them through a hard time.’ They become family to us.”

Belt, who is also pursuing a nursing degree at Methodist College, enjoys the flexibility and career development opportunities that Madonna provides its nursing staff.

“Madonna is wonderful for working around school schedules,” Belt said. “Plus, Madonna nurses are always willing to explain why they are doing specific procedures. They have shown me several things that have given me an advantage in nursing school and clinicals. I’m big on asking a million questions; none of them have been sick of me asking them. They truly care about educating all the CNAs.”

Belt plans to graduate from Methodist College in May 2025. Afterward, she says she plans to continue working at Madonna as a registered nurse.

“Madonna is amazing,” Belt said. “Between nursing and therapy, our teams work so well together. Sometimes hospitals will see a division between these two departments, but [the] teamwork is clear to see at Madonna. This makes everything run smoothly.”

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