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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Madonna recognizes Occupational Therapy Month

April 10, 2017

In honor of April as Occupational Therapy Month, Madonna would like to recognize the important role of occupational therapy in its comprehensive approach to meet the needs of patients receiving care in Lincoln and Omaha.

Rehabilitation from a serious injury or illness takes a transdisciplinary team that includes occupational therapists (OTs).

Ask any OT what they do and they’ll say they help get people back to what is important in their life.

That can range from doing things that most people take for granted every day, like getting dressed and brushing your teeth, to getting back to work or behind the wheel of a car.

“We touch in all areas of life, which makes us a really unique part of the therapy process,” said Leah Johnson, an Occupational Therapist at Madonna.

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They also utilize cutting-edge technology to help patients learn new skills and reach their highest level of independence.

Patients can use the Armeo Spring to work on arm strength and coordination or the Dynavision to improve vision skills like scanning and reaction time.

Simulated environments like those found in the Independence Square—a mock bedroom, a functional kitchen and even a car to practice getting in and out of—allow patients to practice activities of daily living, also known as ADLs.

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Many OTs at Madonna have expertise and training in specialized areas, from continence and vision to assistive technology and home assessments.

They all work closely with engineers at Madonna’s Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering to develop customized solutions for patients to live more independently.

Whether it is using the Amazon Echo to enable voice controls or 3-D printing custom eating utensils, the Rehabilitation Engineering Center of Excellence is constantly working to remove barriers for patients.

As the discipline of occupational therapy celebrates 100 years since its formation, it remains focus on helping people increase their independence and get back to the “job of living.”

Visit to learn more and share the link with your friends and family to help raise awareness.