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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Madonna resumes key services as pandemic enters new phase

June 01, 2022

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals is happy to announce the organization is resuming key, patient-centered services that were once paused due to the pandemic. The following is a list of services Madonna’s patients can once again enjoy as they recover from a serious injury or illness:

Transitional Living Program: Transitional apartments prepare the patient and their families for discharge by allowing the individual to live in the apartment for a short period of time alone or with a caregiver. The patient has an apartment key, follows his or her own therapy schedule and is responsible for taking daily medications and treatments while having their care providers close by for consultation or assistance when needed.

Home Assessments: Madonna’s specially trained occupational therapists can offer recommendations or changes that will make the home more accessible to maximize independence for individuals with a physical disability. This generally includes a combination of minor construction and modification, as well as training in the use of appropriate adaptive equipment.

Work Re-entry Program: This comprehensive rehabilitation program helps patients successfully return to the workforce. Our interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals reviews the assessment and develops an individualized return to work plan. Specialized therapy is tailored to each participant.

Community Outings: Madonna hosts outings for individuals to experience various types of sports and recreational activities such as bowling, tennis, and golf. Therapeutic outings include trips within the community to practice daily living skills such as maneuvering a newly prescribed wheelchair, practicing navigation and route finding or working on communication skills within public environments.

Driver Retraining Program: Relearning certain skills, such as driving a car, may be a challenge after a serious injury or illness. Madonna provides individuals the opportunity to get back behind the wheel and regain their independence.

For more information on these programs, please visit Madonna.org.

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