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Madonna unveils new patient wing at grand opening event

May 19, 2022

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new, innovative patient wing on its Lincoln Campus. The $57 million expansion and renovation project includes 59 private patient suites equipped with the latest technology.

“The new patient tower and expanded treatment space will provide Madonna the foundation for continued success, not only today but well into the future,” Paul Dongilli Jr., Ph.D., president and CEO of Madonna, said. “The building design and the new patient rooms are better situated to meet the needs of the complex patients who come to Madonna as well as their families.”

Using feedback from former Madonna patients and current Madonna staff, Davis Design and Sampson Construction specifically designed this new space with patient safety in mind. Each 371-square-foot patient room has more space for equipment near each bed, seamless transitions between surfaces, and a zero-grade threshold shower. Automatic door openers will allow patients to enter or leave their rooms unassisted. Madonna staff can also use their badges instead of keys to open secured cabinets.

Moreover, each room on the specialized spinal cord injury unit features an Assistive Control Adapter, a medical device created by Madonna’s Research Institute that allows patients with limited mobility to control their environment. Meanwhile, the rooms within the secure brain injury unit have adaptations tailored to this patient population’s needs, featuring sliding doors, special hardware and additional space.

“The needs of those patients for specialized rehabilitation care, equipment and additional support services have only grown through the years,” Dongilli said. “Now we have that space to create a wonderful treatment environment for them and a wonderful work environment for our employees.”

Madonna’s new main entrance boasts a modern design with easy access for visitors, patients and employees. Additionally, approximately 7,000 square feet of heated pavement surrounds the main entrance to mitigate any snow or ice. All walkways from the parking area are zero grade, with no curbs to provide maximum accessibility for patients and families.

The Lincoln Campus renovation will also add more family amenities such as showers, a laundry room, recreation spaces and a new cafeteria and dining area. These thoughtfully designed details support the needs of our patients and help sustain Madonna's culture of hospitality. While the new patient wing will welcome new patients this June, the entire renovation project is set to be complete by the spring of 2023.

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