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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

One year later, stroke survivor embraces life

February 28, 2019

Christy is back in the hunt after recovering from a massive stroke in February 2018. She credits her comeback to unwavering support from her husband, Clint, her son, Dalton, and her Madonna team. “I was thinking back to that first day where it took three therapists to help her stand up out of her wheel chair,” Occupational Therapist Emily Rumery said. Emily continued, “It’s a long process, recovering from a stroke with such severe impairments that Christy had when she first started out. She still has a road ahead of her as far as getting back to work and closer to home. She’s continuing to make progress everyday and I know she will reach those goals she has set out for her,” she said.

With Clint by her side, Christy focused all her energy relearning to walk and talk. “We had to revise all of Christy’s goals because she had already met the long term goals that we projected for her, like 10 weeks out. She had already met those after a couple of weeks, so she exceeded our expectations and is continuing to do so right now,” Emily said.

Christy loves baseball and hasn’t missed an Opening Day in years. Christy toured Haymarket Park as part of her therapy and attended the Saltdogs opening game.

“Once we had made it to the end of her stay here and we were on that outing; she walked all around the stadium, the outfield, and she was even doing the stadium stairs, which is pretty amazing,” Emily said.

As spring approaches, Christy will be rooting for her beloved KC Royals. She’s hit it out of the park in her stroke recovery.

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