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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

St. Jane volunteers, digging in despite pandemic

August 19, 2021

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals Lincoln Campus is known for its spacious lawns, courtyards, flower gardens and meandering walking paths. The colorful flower garden on the west side of the campus is lovingly maintained by volunteers Denny Macomber and Linda Krutz, who are putting their favorite hobby to use as a gift to patients and residents.

“There are a couple of reasons that Linda and I keep the flower beds up. Both of us recognize the value of beauty in the world! Flowers in bloom are one of the most beautiful things. We recognize the residents need the inspiration to keep fighting for recovery. If the flowers can remind them of the beauty in the world and inspire them to want to work hard, to get back out into the world, then that makes us so happy to help.” said Denny Macomber.

Denny and Linda are co-workers who picked up their gardening hobby as a way to manage stress and find work-life balance. “We started attending a flower class to learn the ins and outs of being a gardener. Soon after, we started our flower beds and greenhouses from our homes.” Now, they transplant their flowers and maintain gardens at places like Madonna, because their focus is giving back to as many nonprofits around Lincoln as they can through the hobby they love.

“After spending two years volunteering here, we recognize that for many of the patients and residents, the green space brings peace and tranquility. We notice the smiles it puts on their faces. The bees, butterflies and moths are fascinating to watch and we hope others enjoy them as much as we enjoy giving our time to bring some joy and beauty into their lives!”

With their expertise and creative vison, they hope to help give patients and residents something to engage with, “I get to come outside and smell the fresh flowers. I get to see the growth over time. I get to engage with the garden and all the bees, butterflies and beauty,” said Mario Alvidrez, resident at St. Jane de Chantal. “They are creating a place that we can all enjoy here. People walk by everyday taking pictures and stopping to admire the plants.”