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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals announces post-COVID model system
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July 19, 2023

More than 65,000 adult Nebraskans are currently experiencing long COVID, and roughly 18,000 report that their symptoms reduce their ability to carry out day-to-day activities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The broad impact of COVID has had implications not only in the home, but also at work and in our communities as affected individuals may be struggling to resume prior life roles. For those facing these post-COVID challenges, medical rehabilitation may help. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals is pleased to formally announce its model system of post-COVID rehabilitation care. You can read more about the innovative model system here.

Avid hiker able to resume beloved outdoor activities through Madonna’s post-COVID clinic
In the News, Patient Stories
June 28, 2023

Nearly three years after first contracting COVID-19, Sherri Magnett was still dealing with effects of post-COVID. She says she felt like people didn’t believe her when she described some of her symptoms. But, at Madonna’s post-COVID clinic, she says she felt validation. “It’s great to not think you’re crazy,” Sherri said. “It’s wonderful to not have people look at you like there’s something wrong with you and for the clinicians to go, ‘Yeah, we hear that. Yes, that’s common.’”